Testimonials: Yvonne Callahan

Cohran family - Dallas, GA.

Cathy Williamson - Flower Mound

Wendy Cerullo - Dallas

"OMGoodness! What can I say about Yvonne Callahan?! She is the agent for my daughter and son-in-law, Cayley and Brandon. She has been helping them for over a year to find a home since learning they were expecting a baby. She has gone above and beyond while helping them in their search. Yvonne never gave up the challenge of helping them find "their home". She guided them perfectly while house hunting. Last month in their house search, they found the perfect one, we just happened to be in town with them and had the wonderful opportunity to meet Yvonne! Let me tell you, she is a firecracker! Bubbly personality and adorably fun! She helped Cayley and Brandon to seal the deal and next month they will close on a brand new home. It is beautiful and perfect! They could not have done it without Yvonne. I am so thankful for her showing such kindness and generosity to our daughter and her family. She is truly a blessing. If and when we move to Texas, our agent will be Yvonne Callahan." 
"About two years ago we bought a great house in desperate need of an update. Yvonne was our interior designer and contractor. She offered creative ideas and solutions while working within a budget constraints. She communicated daily and was very responsive to all of our questions and concerns. She delivered a beautiful remodeled/updated home that our family loved living in.
Two months ago, we needed to move and reluctantly put our beautiful home on the market .
We put the “For Sale” sign in the yard on a Friday afternoon and the house sold during its first showing buy, 10:30 the following morning! Ours was the 40th house the buyers had seen and the buyers stated, "The Design and feel of the house reached out and wrapped us in its arms. The showing lasted two hours because we couldn’t make ourselves leave the house!"  We sold the house for a $110,000 more than we paid for it , just 24 months ago!
Yvonne knows houses. Her designs and advice are the reason for the huge profit we made in such a short time. We only wish we had known Yvonne had become a realtor in the past two years so we could have used her as our realtor. We wholeheartedly can recommend her to anyone who needs to sell their home. She has a great eye and can guide your through the process of getting your home SOLD!"

"Yvonne is a fantastic realtor! I have been leasing a home from her for a year now and my family and I couldn't be happier with our choice. The home was built in 1952 and pretty outdated. Yvonne opened up the floor plan and updated every square inch of the house, transforming it into a beautiful, modern home. Her experience in the housing business and her keen eye for remodeling and decorating will aid in her ability to help others searching for or selling a home. Yvonne is always very prompt in answering my calls and messages, I've never had to wait to hear back from her.  She is on top of her game! I can't wait to see how successful she will become!"

Beverly Goodman - Denton

"Yvonne was the best. She was so professional and thorough and made sure that she handled every little detail quickly and in my best interest. As a former Realtor, I can say that she understands the business and she was my choice. She handled the sale of my childhood home so efficiently. She was quick to fix issues and made the sale a very positive experience. Yvonne is the best!"

Sandra Penney - Flower Mound

"Selecting a real estate professional to represent me in the sale of my home was a major decision.  After over 20 years of mortgage payments and home improvements I was looking for a professional who could help me realize the best possible return on my investment.  Yvonne was the right choice. 
Yvonne listened closely to my needs, developed a plan which was specific to my home, and then implemented her agenda.  It required that we invest in certain improvements and that we follow her recommendations, but it was worth it! 
After one day on the market we had 3 offers above asking price!"

Katie Mize

Abbey Greeves - Living Magazine

"Yvonne was the realtor for us. In a seller market, she made us as the buyer have an easy experience. She worked so hard with us to find us our dream home and with multiple offers she even worked harder. Yvonne went above and beyond and was available anytime we needed her. She wasn’t just our realtor but became a friend. Her positive outlook on life and attitude is amazing and hard to find these days. I would recommend her to anyone selling or buying a home."
"Yvonne's humility is dumbfounding to me. She has an absolute God given gift for this business. She humbly thinks that "everybody knows" what she knows and "everybody sees" what she sees. There is nothing further from the truth. She is able to glance at a property online or driving by and tell you in 30 seconds how to increase the value in her eyes. I am not kidding when I tell you I know she has done it. She sees the whole picture from the buyer, the seller, AND the investors view point.  She just sees it.  No amount of training or continuing education, or books, or mentor or any man fueled education can teach what God has given this woman naturally. She is the easy croice because she is easy to work with. Direct. Friendly. And cares as much about your feelings as your investment. She tells the truth."

Meg Bacino

Yvonne was our realtor when we sold our home in Flower Mound. She was wonderful the whole way through the process from listing to closing. Her attention to detail was flawless and her wisdom of the marketplace and the process of selling a house was exemplary. I would recommend Yvonne to everyone!

Jerry Allmendinger

Yvonne is second to none when it comes to the real estate game. She's knowledgeable beyond comparison and a true partner in the process. She came highly recommended to us and we are extremely happy with our experience. Our family recently moved from Highland Shores to Lantana which she knows the market very well.  She sold our house within 3 weeks, not expected at all,  and we had to act within 4 weeks buy a new house.  To top it off we were out of town 2 of the 3 weeks.   She not only acted on our behalf to buy a house, she set up appointments to view the houses on her own while we were out of town.  Her efforts to sell and help us buy our house were nothing more than amazing.  I would highly recommend that anybody who is looking to find or sell a home in the area use Yvonne Callahan